Tips For Fixing Bash Redirect Error Output To Null

This guide will help you when you find bash redirect error output is null. 2>&1 changes standard error to standard end result. &1 specifies a file descriptor (stdout), in addition (if you use only one) redirects a significant error to a file named 1. [any command] >>/dev/null 2>&1 redirects every standard error to standard output and even writes everything this is to make sure /dev/null .

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What is redirecting to Dev null?

Redirect all output to /dev/null The >/dev/null line suggests “send stdout to /dev/null”, so the second part, 2>&1 , should tell you that you’re sending stderr to stdout. In this case, you should refer to stdout as “&1”, not “1”. Writing “2>1” will simply redirect standard output to the file marked “1”.

The > statement normally redirects the given output to a file rather than a technology. You can also use >> to complete the append.

If you don’t specify a specific number, standard output is assumed, but you can usually redirect errors:

bash redirect error output to null

>file redirect stdout to file path
1>file redirects a help file to standard output

&>file redirects and stdout stderr to final file
>file 2>&1 redirects and/or stderr to a file

How do I redirect an output error?

Redirecting stdout to a full file and stderr to another file: buy > out 2 > error.Pipe stdout to a file type ( >out ), then pipe stderr to stdout ( 2>&1 ): command >out 2>&1 .

/dev/null is a null device that accepts and discards whatever the owners of the input want. It can be used to suppress any output.

Note that >file 2>&1 is considered an old syntax that still has some fuss, File &> is cleaner but no longer changes with respect to the system time.

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bash redirect error output to null


How do I redirect errors to null?

How to forward error messages to /dev/null on Unix? You can send output to /dev/null using the >/dev/null command syntax. However, this does not work if the command uses standard error (FD number 2). So you need to expand >/dev/null in such a way as to redirect both output andand errors in /dev/null.

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