The Solution To The Dbimport Error Is Easy To Fix

Over the past few days, some readers have reported a bug with dbimport.

The dbimport -c option indicates its dbimport to complete the export unless a dangerous error occurs.

The dbimport utility resolves one of the file messages specified in dbimport.out.current directory. File with all error and warning messagesit certainly has to do with the handling of dbimport. Precise Detailsalso writes to regular output unless you specify the -b option.


  • Row of data containing too many columns
  • Unable to place attachment on table
  • Unable to unlock any type of lock.
  • -AGAINSTdbimport

    interruptsHandling when one of the following fatal errors occurs:

  • The specified tape device could not be opened.
  • Bad articles encourage tape or writing
  • Invalid control options
  • Unable to open database or no platform permissions
  • Data cannot be converted
  • This is a subset of most dbimport error messages:

    Separate file External files must start with an area within More

    If you are importing from a good file, dbimport will warn you that the database name in the import data is different from the actual name.

    Messages When Loading The Database


    database state error (count) occurred during a specific operation

    our line will be present when a particular ISAM call fails

    misconfiguration: # element index element name expected product type

    Lines that begin with a “#” character are used to extract field accounts from an input file or to enforce delimiters between import records.

    There will be no more than 2048 field masters in the set.

    The specified build name or build number is not in the backup file.

    There is no name field to get this set at the beginning of the import

    You have specified a name field in the recovery file, but there may not be a name field in the import file for this amazing dataset

    dbimport error

    Field name mentioned in restructuring file not found in internal import file

    More complex import rules. There is an abbreviationThere are 2048 rules per set.

    means the element conflicts with the value found in the import file. Values ​​(from the relocation file) are automatically converted when processed in restructuring mode. If you’re not in recovery mode, this is a useful bug.

    Messages When Parsing Specification Changes

    Order of repeated sentences

    must be specified from the given number, except when importing from a single content element

    dbimport could only resolve import data filenames when manually saving a transaction from a single import

    Eloquence Database Guide – December 19, 2002



    Jan 9, 2013 9:08:13 09/01/13



    I need help with this error right now.

    When viewing an impodatabase mouth using Informix 11.50 an error occurs.
    db_locale=en_us.8859-1. Informix 9.40 script on

    On the Internet, I came across that the problem was in db_locale, except that there was no procedure for
    problem solving.

    Is it possible (and how) to configure dbimport so that the syntax overrides db_locale?How to import from database?

    Thanks in advance.

    Jonathan Leffler


    Research Jan 2013 14:21:47 09/01/13

    in Chico, Informix list – IIUG

    Wednesday, January 9, 2013 00:08 AM

    <a chico…>
    dbimport error


    I need help while I have this error.

    finderr -23103 says:

    -23103 Failed to convert code set function because of an invalid sequence or

    Invalid value. Or

    Invalid invalid images appear in a row.

    The program failed to complete the set of character conversion process codes

    with this line. Check the input string again for a valid OR

    invalid characters and run the whole program again.

    The error occurs when I try to import the database with
    in 11 informix.50db_locale means en_us.8859-1. Database also Informix 9.40 and

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