The Best Way To Fix DNS Errors. No PTR Record For

You should check out these troubleshooting tips if you’re getting a dns error.message entry for error message. A DNS pointer record (PTR for short) provides you with that domain name associated with a specific IP address. A DNS PTR record is often the exact opposite of an “a” record that provides an IP address associated with a domain ID. DNS PTR records are used for reverse DNS lookups.

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Last Friday rolled a new connection. Update DNS for all my ip addresses Friday. Did the ISP create a PTR record for this for the mail server at approximately 12:00 CST on Monday?

How do I resolve a PTR record?

Two methods to check record and ptr so reverse dns lookup Verify that the IP address is associated with the hostname by frequently checking the Des Worth PTR entry through your computer’s consoles. Replace IP_ADDRESS with your domain with your personal IP address.

MXToolbox says that each of my additional (mycompany ( mail server) is fine.

Not in all blacklists. Most emails are well received and (only incoming). I’m having trouble launching email on some domains (,,, and a few others). Your mail servers are refusing to accept mail, indicating that my PTR record is not properly resolved.i

So I check again and tell mxtoolbox it’s ok and then to and again it says my A records are very but good, checking the PTR records tells people they have an invalid IP address.

All I can think of is that the PTR document was added through my ISP. I’m assuming the DNS is a server, separate and I control all the records in my house on with GoDaddy, so perhaps their integrated PTR record that matches a specific subdomain of my domain is not only valid?< /p>

Do I need a PTR record?

You need a PTR record because many mail servers will probably reject emails from a mail server that has absolutely nothing to do with it. After that, the goal is to keep spam out of your inbox.

Maybe I should add their personal DNS server as a suitable nameserver for my domain (using Godaddy’s nameservers) @Godaddy?

How to fix error 554 “Invalid PTR resource record”?

Working with e-mail can sometimes be a problem. 554 errors and repeated ones are difficult to deal with. If you’re getting a 554 Resource invalid ptr write error, you’re not entirely alone. Many server administrators additionally receive after they change their full addresses and DNS ip records. However, this is due to the use of reverse DNS, which is also recognized as PTR. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix this recent bug to get your email agencies back on track.

What is the PTR record?

How do I add a PTR record to my DNS?

go back to Manage Zones -> DNS -> Cloud Portal.Click View Full DNS.Click on an area.Click “Create” -> and “Register” select “PTR Registration” from the drop down list.On the Create PTR Record page, select or enter the following:Click “Save” close and market, hto save.

The entry is the ptr of a direct DNS or domain name server. PTR stands for Pointer To and is a fixed component of mail systems. servers. In the DNS case, domains refer to their respective IP addresses. But in a pocket PTR, the opposite is true, i.e. The IP addresses are associated with their respective domains. These entries help ensure that the server contains the IP address that caused the connection. This is an important security protocol followed by both server-to-server emails and emails from dedicated servers.

When a sender sends an important email, it goes through the MX, then through the recipient’s MX, before finally being delivered to the recipient. If at any level you get a fantastic PTR error, you will get error 554 “Invalid PTR Record Error” with things like this:

dns error. no ptr record for

Messaging service not found 554-No service 554-Invalid smtp DNS PTR location record.

What causes the PTR error besides fixing it?

The sender has recently migrated to a new RDNS processing data center and is not yet configured.

The device sending emails has a new IP address but no PTR records. Returns

dns error. no ptr record for

occurs in network latency, which in turn causes the lookup to failand DNS

In any of the above cases, this error can be caused by:

  • Missing PTR record
  • The servers were unable to double-check the PTR records because there were very few of them initially. web hosts do not typically install PTR records for assigned IP addresses after a server migration. Because our PTR is missing, the mail servers treat your entire IP address as spam and therefore filter the transmission. Solve this problem, just add them by ptr entry.

    But to be sure, let’s check if the anomaly exists or ptr doesn’t exist. This is to use the following code:

    This will display those RDNS entries. If not, you may need to get the correct PTR records for your IP address. Your mail server provider will get the records. If an external DNS server is used, it is often necessary to add PTR records.

  • Invalid PTR records
  • If the area code above confirms that there are PTR documents for your IP address and you can’t send an email, the ptr is probably invalid.

    The general trend that we have gainedWhat we find with most hosting providers is that they assign each IP address a generic for-ptr that looks like this: “xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-host.provider.tld”. then while p>

    But this is you making it generic for each IP address, non-mail machines will see it as spam because people think it will be a dynamic IP address.

    To resolve this jurisdictional issue, you need to change our PTR from Generic to (Fully Essential FQDN with FQDN One). For example,

    If it is a virtual private server that hosts two or more domains on the same Internet address, you can only select one server hostname and its name as the ptr entry.

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