Class Catalog Utilities Cannot Re-declare Hints To Fix Fatal Error

If you encounter a fatal error that cannot re-declare class gallery utilities on your system, we hope this guide will help you solve it.


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  • You Are Viewing A Blank Page

    An empty blank page indicates a PHP error that is not being displayed on the screen. To do this, add the following lines to the LocalSettings.php file after :

    You can also set your error_log to a value in PHP.ini and also read the PHP error log to see what's going on. PHP errors can also be logged in the webpage error server log.

  • "Warning [...It's] not always safe to trust the system you see the timezone settings. .They are .*required* .in the, ..timezone and date_default_timezone_set() that uses function." Check if date.timezone is set correctly (or not set at all) PHP in.ini.
  • In particular, some files may be marked as from Missing (e.g. if the media folder is no longer in your /includes folder, someone might get a message saying that if the process needs to render "Unable to open stream") . Check the original installation that came with MediaWiki (note the recommendations for the appropriate version) to see if this is the case. In this case, simply copy the missing files called by the package to your MediaWiki site. You may need to increase the cache after that and restart the web server.
  • Unable to find MySQL socket. If LocalSettings.php is set to Fix MySQL, and socket php.ini is indeed not present, the corresponding screen may be a blank error without Den web server via or php .address can be updated for mysql.default_socket in file php.ini.
  • Many Des users write blank pages in newer versions to properly place articles in their new RSS feeds. The likely cause is the default memory limit in the PHP installation (usually MB) 8. Please check the error logs and/or Apache php. To change any parameters, editSet /etc/php.ini and "memory_limit" parameter. For example, this will increase it to 32, and the existing mo will replace the text with "memory_limit=32m". Make sure the installed webserver is after expanding this value.

    Your LocalSettings your.php file may have a storage limit set. Find the line full and increase the memory_limit parameter as needed. 20M might not be enough if you run 1 sort.15.1. change it e.g. "memory_limit means 32MB". Changing this no longer requires restarting Apache.

    If the website does not hang for a certain amount of time (eg 30 seconds) while performing an exclusive action, then you get an HTTP error or 300 with a blank page, a fatal problem when connecting to an end-of-time server. This could very well be the database server of course, or, if this happens in a particular exercise, your mail server (if you configured your mail settings). If this is the correct mail server, check if you can connect to MediaWiki from the forum, for example by running a telnet client on the server and setting the port and $wgsmtp, check if it can set connection.

    If someone can see the content of a page that suddenly offers one and the whole page starts blank, the problem is probably caused by the presence of document.write in the javascript, the first declaration of the wiki. scripts. You can check if this is the problem if you open your browser (press and f12) and reload your history. If the network tab returns a status of 200, http and the monitor size is a few kilobytes, this is most likely the problem. document.write can be described as deprecated as code that renders this entire page blank, provided it is used outside of an HTML page and can be an element in JavaScript wiki pages. You can disable JavaScript on your phone or $wgUseSiteJs and therefore $wgAllowUserJs to false to exclude scripts until you fix broken scripts.

    MediaWiki Error

    On 2c_but_when_editing_a_page_the_wiki_text_is_there">
    PHP Warning: preg_replace(): compilation failed: company g Groups must start with  Offset 4 to non-digits /var/www/wiki/htdocs/includes/MagicWord.php

    fatal error cannot redeclare class gallery utilities

    This is still caused by a change in 8 pcre.34. You must upgrade to a supported mediawiki version. The hurdle has been fixed in layouts, all currently supported by MediaWiki (see issue T60640).

    2for_appearing Image Thumbnails">

    This section does not display issues and ideas when thumbnails are not displayed or are not displayed alternately.

    fatal error cannot redeclare class gallery utilities

    Klassenkatalog-Dienstprogramme Können Hinweise Zur Behebung Schwerwiegender Fehler Nicht Erneut Deklarieren
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    Утилиты каталога классов не могут повторно объявлять подсказки для исправления фатальной ошибки.
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