Solving The Problem With Formatting 200 GB In Fat32

In this article, we will share some of the possible reasons that might cause 200 GB to be formatted in Fat32 and then I will talk about some possible fixes for this problem.

How do I format a 128GB USB to FAT32?

In the main interface, right click this partition on Whiz 128GB USB or SD card and find Format Partition.Set the partition’s file system to FAT32, then click OK.You will return to the main interface as normal, click “Apply” and “Continue” after confirmation.Notes:

It is common to see SD (or MicroSD) based devices that list errors as “up to 32 GB” and are limited by card formatting and therefore NOT size. I will post an anatomical description at the end, but the most important thing is to format the card in a certain way and depending on your area of ​​u200bu200buse, this may require some (free) programs:


format 200 gb to fat32

Aboutformat the entire SD card once with SDFormatter to remove any extra partitions that might have been added with something like a Raspberry Pi image:

Insert an SD or MicroSD card into your computer card and download the SDFormatter software.

From the drop-down menu, select the drive where your SD card is located. Be extremely careful with this step, because if you choose the wrong letter, most people can accidentally wipe out all the other drives your car is using. “™ Connected!

Be sure to press the “Option” button and set the “FORMAT RESIZE” button to “ON”.

I’ve found that the file often doesn’t work on the first try. No problem, carefully clean out any unnecessary files that may appear in the label field of the main volume and try again. It almost always works out on the second try.

Format again using the FAT32 format, not the built-in Windows tool:

Download their graphical version in FAT32 format:

How do I format 256GB to FAT32?

Step 1 Connect a 256 GB SD card to your Windows PC. Step 2: Launch DiskGenius Free Edition on this computer. Step 3: Select your SD card and just click “Format”. Then select FAT32 as the file system and click “Format” to start formatting successfully.

Select the SD card to login from the drop-down menu. As always, beBe very careful in this step if you end up selecting the wrong message as you may accidentally delete another mapped drive!

Select the main area labeled “Quick Format”.

Please note that this program requires you to close all Windows Explorer before formatting containers. If you accidentally leave any of them open, you’ll get a better “Disk in use” error message – great, just check all the boxes and even try again.

Here it is! Just click “Start” and/or your SD card will be formatted to FAT32!

Again, this worked in all scenarios I tested. At the time of writing this guide, I can confirm that SD2SNES (original with Pro), EverDrive64, Mega SD, and SSDS3 are compatible with 64GB and above graphics cards (I use all 256GB with Mega SD). I also found that it works with mobile phones, cameras and other devices advertising FAT32 limitations.

I believe the reason for all these sacrifices is cost: support for FAT and FAT32 file systems is free, but if a company wants to add support for NTFS or exFAT (both file systems support cards of all sizes). must pay a license fee. I also think the reason Microsoft doesn’t provide a built-in option for large FAT32 hard drives is because of the file size limit: the upper file size limit you can use in FAT32 is 4GB, regardless of the maximum file size. size. the size is 16 exabytes on newer file systems. My guess is that Microsoft’s regulation is also trying to get people to pay licensing fees for many other filesystems… something that Microsoft has always tried;/


It’s much easier for Mac users to develop it! First, open our Disk Utility and select your SD card:

format 200 gb to fat32

Then check the “Erase” button at the top and select “MS DOS (FAT)” from the drop-down menu alt=””:

Click OK and that’s it! :

Well, I’m well versed with Macs, but all of these screenshots were provided to Ray by Commend, which has been tested and verified on their Macbook. If I remember correctly, this Excel should be the same on some versions of OSX, but please let us know if it needs to be updated.


U I haven’t had time to dig out my Linux laptop yet, but I think it’s still possible… with an absurd 762-character command line that you have to type every time your software kicks in. Because don’t forget the famous Linux slogan: Linux: we don’t need new people.

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