Tips For Fixing Installation Error 1168 When Updating Lgusbbus INF File

If you are getting installation error 1168 when updating the lgusbbus-inf file error code, this guide should help.

Can’t copy INF failed to install?

It is possible that the USB driver installation file is damaged or corrupted, so this INF file is not fake. I suggest you get a fresh copy of the USB driver file and then try again.

This device manager phone error message indicates that the device drivers are not installed.

Error Code

Show Message

Re Recommended Resolution

Visit your device manufacturer’s website for the latest drivers for your device.

For Driver Developers

The DEVPKEY_Device_ProblemStatus property of the device should show a coupon code error.


How do I fix invalid INF?

Automatically update the vehicle driver.Update the driver manually.Manually install the rest of the driver files.

PnP: Unable to purchase a compatible tablet driver. This error is often referred to as a DNF issue (driver found instead).

Look at the hardware IDs and friendly IDs of the device being viewed and compare them to the hardware IDs specified in the INF for less than model sections. Also, make sure the TargetOSVersion portion of each of our template name sections applies to all architectures and OS versions you’re running.


Specifically, the corresponding .inf file on the device uses the entries included in the INF-DDInstall section to point to a Microsoft-provided .inf file that is not present in this full version of Windows.


In this case, a high matchThe INF on the device uses the INF-DDInstall section of the requirements list to select a section that cannot be included in any Microsoft-provided INF referenced by the include directive.


This fault occurs when INF does not accept the corresponding function from the bike service.

  1. The device INF file that appears to be installed contains an AddService directive that can install an associated service or start a driver using the SPSVCINST_ASSOCSERVICE (0x00000002) flag.
  2. The INF file includes or requires entries in the INF-DDInstall section that point to a system-provided driver that in turn configures the identified service on the device.

Upgrade To Windows 10

Before the update, there was a taxi driver on the device and it worked fine. After fixing, code 28 is displayed. Often this can be caused by the device being excluded from the transfer driver.

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    When trying to install the product software, I receive the message “This hardware cannot be installed. There was a problem creating this hardware: an error message is attached to the computer. The message even incorrectly displays the NTPRINT.INF file after the specific name of your HP product .


    This will help you determine if the main NTprint.inf file is present on your computer. Based on this answer, you can then follow the steps to allow Microsoft to update your PC to Windows SP1 or move the NTprint.inf file to the correct location and then delete and rereinstall the software.


    Some of the following steps require you to restart your computer. Bookmark this page or print it for easy reference.

    Step One: Find NTprint The.File

    1. Click Start, navigate to Search, then click Tools.

    2. In this Tools menu, click Folder Options, View and Show tab, then select Show Hidden Files and Folders.

      Rice. : Folder View tab in the Options window

      Illustration: Folder View tab in Options window

    3. Click on the time to save this change.

    4. to

      In the Windows search box




      In the Filename

      text box, click



      ) next to a specific

      Select folder

      in the text field.Local (C:)
      install error 1168 in updating lgusbbus inf file

      , Storage, then click



      Figure: Filename and folder search options.

      Illustration: Windows search box with

    5. Press Enter to start this search. Search results appear in the right pane of most Windows search windows.


    Search results may show more than just the .inf extension after

    The filename is NTprint.inf

    . .The .status .file has a .world famous ..inf file (

    ) next to it, even if there is no .inf extension.

  • How do you fix the INF file you selected does not support this method of installation?

    Causes.1] Check if the INF file you want to buy is compatible with your system’s operating system.2] Install the INF file from the command line.3] Install the INF file using Device Manager.

    If this particular NTprint.File inf file does not appear in the search results, continue to the next step.

  • Step 2: Move The NTprint.inf

    If the entire NTprint.inf file is in the C:inf folder, the HP product will not recognize it. Follow the instructions to access the file.

    1. Right-click the main NTprint.inf file and select Copy.

    2. Click Start, select My Computer, double-click C:, then double-click the Windows folder. All

    3. Right-click anywhere in the Windows folder and select Pastet”.

    4. In the Windows search box, right-click NTprint.inf, type rename, type NTprint.inf.old, and press Enter.

    Step 3: Uninstall The Software

    Why can’t I install an INF file?

    inf drivers that declared the inf file you selected do not support this method of generating errors using Device Manager. This may work if INF-Trucker does not have the installation specs required for normal launch (right-click > Install), but is configured for the application via Device Manager.

    1. Disconnect the USB cable connecting someone’s product to their computer.

    2. Click Start and then Control Panel.

      The control panel window will open.

    3. Double-click Add/Remove Programs. In the list of installed programs, simply click HP Product, and then click Add/Remove.

    4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the uninstallation.


      If prompted to remove the PC together, click No. Other programs that use these files may not work until you remove these files.

    5. Disconnect the add-on from the power source and you can restart your computer.

    Step 4: Download The Latest Course Software

    install error 1168 in updating lgusbbus inf file

    To ensure that the majority of users have the latest software and drivers, all newproducts, follow the steps below to download all software.

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