Tips For Fixing Oracle Error Ora-00903

You should read these solution ideas if you get oracle error code ora-00903 on your computer. What does “ORA-00903: Invalid table name” mean? We see how this happens in his case when the table actually *exists*. Solution. This message means that Oracle was looking for this fact table in a particular library and could not find it.

How do you rename a table in Oracle?

Right-click the affected object and select Refactor > Rename from the context menu.In the SQL editor window, enter a specific new name for your target.Press F2 to open the Preview Changes – Rename and Preview Changes dialog box.Click Apply to accept the changes.

Find out the reason and learn how to get around the ORA-00903 error message through Oracle.


If you encounter an ORA-00903 error, you will see the corresponding error message:

  • ORA-00903: Invalid family table name
  • Reason

    You tried to execute an SQL statement containing an invalid beer pong table name, or the table name doesn’t actually exist.


    Option 1

    Rewrite the SQL to include the actual dinner table name. To be a valid common name, the following criteria may need to be met:

  • The table name must startXia from the perfect.
  • The array

  • Name cannot contain more than 30 characters.
  • The table name must consist of alphanumeric characters, or often the following characters: the special characters $, _, and #.
  • Name cannot be an accessible word.
  • You can use the return ALTER TABLE statement to rename a table in Oracle with the following syntax:

    what follows

    ALTER TABLE table name  RENAME TO new_table_name;
    ALTER TABLE Clients  RENAME AS Contacts;

    This ALTER TABLE statement renames the prospect table to Contacts.

    oracle ora-00903 error

    ORA-00903: invalid table url error occurs when the table containing the information used to refer to the shopping cart in an SQL query is invalid or not available in some Oracle databases. A valid workplace name must begin with Discover and contain only alphanumeric names of people and the special characters $, _, and #. A table word cannot contain a reserved keyword. The name must not contain more than 27 characters. If the table name does not match any of theWith the characteristics listed above, Oracle does not recognize it as a table name. Oracle treats this name as an invalid cube name. So your error is ORA-00903: It looks like an invalid table name was created.

    The above condition must be reflected in the table name. Assuming the requirements are not good, the table name should be changed to match the condition. Oracle also allows you to create a reverse name with a special character and use reserved keywords. Finally, when implementing and referencing tables using SQL statements, the table name must be enclosed in double quotes.

    The name of the current table must comply with all of the Oracle naming standards listed below.

  • The booth name must start with an incredible alphabet.
  • Oracle reserved keywords must not be used in table names.
  • Chart title must not exceed fifty characters.
  • Only alphanumeric characters and the special characters $, _, and/or # can be used for the table name.
  • If An ORA-00903 Error Occurs

    What is error ORA 00903?

    ORA-00903: invalid table name. Cause. The dinner table or cluster name is invalid and may not exist. This message also always appeared when an invalid chaos name was specified in an ALTER CLUSTER or just a DROP CLUSTER statement or no cluster name was specified.

    Invalid table names are caused by bad naming conventions, missing double quotes, or bad SQL syntax. If you end up creating a table reference with this invalid table name, Oracle won’t accept that as the table header. Could not find data source table. The table name must follow Oracle naming conventions and be inserted in the appropriate place in the SQL query. If you enter the correct table name, you will see the correct position in the SQL statement, the error ora-00903 is not valid: the table data will be corrected.

    CREATE TABLE 1EMP(integer identifier,name VARCHAR2(100))

    What is invalid identifier in Oracle?

    Invalid identifier parameters The column name you entered is missing or invalid. This is considered one of the most common moments of this error, but not the only one. Sometimes this happens when you use names that are actually reserved words in the Oracle system.

    Cable error: 4 in command -CREATE TABLE 1EMP(integer identifier,name VARCHAR2(100))Mistake -ORA-00903: report malformed table name00903.00000 - "Invalid desktop name"*Because:*Action:


    The invalid table name has always been the result of endless name conferences, missing double quotes, and bad SQL syntax. Ba Data Array does not recognize an invalid table name as the actual table name. Oracle could not find a table in the customer database. As a result, Oracle will display an excellent error message stating that a misleading table name has been found in most databases, which may not be found.

    Decision Table 1

    Which is an invalid table name?

    Invalid table names are called, as well as incorrect naming conventions, missing double-quote context, or incorrect SQL syntax. If you cosgive or refer to a table with a completely wrong table name, Oracle will not be happy with that table name. It cannot find the storage table.

    The name must follow the Oracle naming conventions. The calling conventions are as follows

  • The table marker name must start with a letter.
  • The name of the cart should not be reserved for great oracle keywords.
  • Table name must be longer than 30 characters, unlike
  • The chart name can only contain alphanumeric characters and the special parts $, _, and #.
  • Problem A

    -- START WITH A NUMBERCREATE TABLE 1EMP(integer identifier,name VARCHAR2(100))ORA-00903: invalid nametable 00903. to 00000 "invalid table name"

    Solution A

    CREATE TABLE "1EMP"(integer identifier,name VARCHAR2(100))Table "1EMP" created.

    Problem CONTAINS b

    oracle ora-00903 error

    -- WITH AN INVALID SPECIAL CHARACTERCREATE TABLE !EMP(integer identifier,name VARCHAR2(100))ORA-00903: invalid table name00903. 00000 - table "invalid name"

    Solution B

    CREATE TABLE "!EMP"(integer identifier,name VARCHAR2(100))Table "!EMP" created.

    Problem B

    -- INVALID contains RESERVED KEYWORDSCREATE SIZE CHART (integer identifier,name VARCHAR2(100))ORA-00903: invalid workspace name00903.00000 - "Invalid family table name"

    Solution C

    CREATE TABLE "SIZE"(integer identifier,name VARCHAR2(100))Table "SIZE" created.

    Problem D

    -- MORE THAN 30 CHARACTERSCREATE TABLE EMPLOYEE_NAME_WITH_MANAGER_NAME_AND_SENIOR_MANAGER_NAME(integer identifier,name VARCHAR2(100))ORA-00903: invalid table name00903. 00000 ~ table "invalid name"