How Do I Restore TomTom Patch System Files?

In some cases, your computer may display an error that tomtom system files are being fixed. There can be many reasons for this problem.

This guide will help you restore and manage your NAV3 device.

  • NAV3 hardware with compatible software
  • Version 11:
  • 12.075.3065980.74
  • 12.075.3065980.84
  • 12.075.3065980.94
  • 12.101.1102232.101
  • 12.104.1738032.101
  • 12,105,3134902 101
  • Instruments:

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    A warning:

  • Any maps you have installed that many of you don’t have will be marked as “requires repair” in MyDrive Connect.
  • Do not restore content, this will delete the maps on your device.
  • Always close MyDrive Connect when starting TTActivator as they interfere with each other.
  • Video version of the guide:

    Please tap freely to pause and rewind at any time, now it can be in some places.

    Preparation: Whenever you start building a TTActivator, it’s a good idea to always update the metacodes. This means that once activated, you will indeed have the latest content.

    Patch your nav3 part: this only needs to be done once – of course you will remove the patch from a separate device.

    1. Connect NAV3 to a separate PC. Be sure to close Connect mydrive.

    2. Run TTActivator, it may take some time before it returns during the readdevice. If the entire device is not recognized, the new media will be “updated”.

    3.Select the “NAV3 Tools” menu, then click “Install Patch”.

    4. Select a standard patch or a truck patch (read the description to decide).

    5. If the “User Account Control” pop-up appears, click “Yes” – this is required for TTActivator to communicate with NAV3.

    Upload metadata to NAV3: As explained in the patch installation screen, every time you restart the software the guitar will automatically activate the content, but you must provide it with metadata for actual use!< /p >

    Installing maps in the built-in memory:1. Go to the Map Loader menu.

    3. Select the desired region/country from the Country/Region Map menu.

    5. Click “Download to which device” to download the maps and download them directly to the NAV3. TTActivator will warn you if the guide can’t be activated (don’t install it if it just can’t be activated).

    6. After connecting the card, reboot the device from the NAV3 Tools menu,Please start activation.

    How do I reinstall my TomTom software?

    Launch TomTom HOME.Click Update my device.Select almost all upgrades except the map.Click Update and also click Install.Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the map is the last remaining update.Select a card, then click “Update and Install” to host it.

    Installing maps on an SD card:1. I’d say go to the Map Loader menu.

    3. From the Country/Region Map menu, select the desired region/country.

    5. Click “Download to Folder” to download the map, read it and extract it to a folder of your choice.

    ) and select the entire TOMTOM.000 file on the settings SD card.

    8. Navigate to ext000:/common/installed/ on the right and where you downloaded the map on the left.

    9. Drag the map directory from the left side of any part of the screen to the right to overlay the folder.

    ten. Close R-Link Explorer, re-insert the SD card into most NAV3 cards and reboot the device by long pressing the power button until the battery type plays (or use “Restart PC” in TTActivator).

    How do I update my old TomTom?

    Connect your personal TomTom device to your computer and also turn it on.If HOME does not automatically check for updates, simply click Update My Device from the HOME menu.Typically, when a new app is available, it is displayed on the next screen.Click Done.

    Updating the radar/surveillance camera: 1. Go to the Security Camera Downloader menu.

    3. Wait until all these activated radars are installed – in general, be patient.

    4. When done, reboot your own device from the NAV3 Tools menu for activation to take place.

    Thanks and special thanks to MSTMS master131, the pros, Orni and everyone who made this possiblepossible.

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