You Have A Problem With An Unexpected Syntax Error Preg_replace_callback T_function

If you suddenly get a preg_replace_callback t_function syntax error, this user guide can help. Parse error: syntax error, unexpectedly when it occurs, the interpreter registers a missing element in php. In most cases, it is precisely because of this that the curly brace “}” is missing. To solve this problem, you need to analyze the entire file up to the source of the error.


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return preg_replace_callback($e, function($v) use ($s,$r) revert $r[$v[1]]; ,$sql);

How do I fix parse error syntax error unexpected?

How to Unexpectedly Fix a Parse Error in WordPress via FTP? to fix the syntaxThis error in WordPress, you need to deal with the calling code, this error. The only way to reduce the syntax error is to permanently replace the bad Ftp code via, or access the edited file with the latest Ftp via.

You may be using PHP 5.2 or another version that does not support direct closure. You can use phpinfo().to

to determine which version of PHP you are using.

Is it possible to replace a string with a callback function?

There are many scenarios where overriding this replacement string into a callback function is simply not possible: a user-friendly example is the popular PHP-based bulletin board system known as phpBB, through the transition to version 3.1.x, which is important. Template-based approach for internal bbcode-to-html processing of your /includes/bbcode.php script.

You may need to upgrade to PHP 5.3+ or even useCall create_function or write a sound function there and pass it as a new callback.

Why can’t I use create_function for the callback?

Depending on your usage, you may be aware of memory issues when using the create_function callback setting, perhaps because you are trying to be compatible with PHP 5.2 or earlier. Some servers refuse to update their php at any time.

Here is an example of the last parameter with a simple class to save state $r:

Class My_callback  Public Service $r) __construct($s, means $this->s $s; $this->r = $r;    The callback($v) function gets $this->r[$v[1]];function search_replace($s,$r,$sql) ',array_map('preg_quote', $s)).')/';  $r is equivalent to array_combine($s,$r);  $c = new My_reminder($s, $r);  return preg_replace_callback($e, array($c, 'callback'), $sql);

answered February 9, 2011 at 7:37 pm.

preg_replace_callback syntax error unexpected t_function

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