Tips For Solving Eigrp

Over the past few days, some readers have come across a known error message while trying to troubleshoot eigrp. This problem occurs for many reasons. We will discuss this below.

EIGRP is a robust protocol that requires a router to receive a response within 9 minutes for every request it sends to its neighbors. Currently, if a router doesn’t just get a response to ALL of its outstanding requests, it puts the route in the SIA (Stuck in Active) state and terminates the neighborhood with the gateway’s next neighbor.


This contract contains information about troubleshooting common errors using the Enhanced Internal Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP). Follow the links in this section for more information or to access the following flowchart.

If your Cisco device is receiving the output of the Show Interfaces Serial, Show IP Eigrp Neighbors, Show Tech Support, or Show IP Eigrp Topology commands from your Cisco device, you can try the output interpreter (registered customers only) to see the issues. . display and fix errors.



troubleshoot eigrp

Readers of this document should have a good understanding of how EIGRP works and therefore a good knowledge of EIGRP configuration.

Components Used

This agreement is not limited to specific versions of software and hardware.

The information in this log was generated only from devices in a specific lab environment. All associated fixtures used in this data file ran a clean build (default)knowledge). When your network is active, be sure to understand the potential consequences of each command.


See the Cisco Technical Advisory document for more information on conventions.

Troubleshooting Flowchart

How do I troubleshoot EIGRP?

Just look out for the poor physical infrastructure. Make sure the router ports are connected to the correct hubs. Look for filters that deny EIGRP packets. Verify router settings – Verify IP addresses, masks, EIGRP AS numbers, and network numbers listed in EIGRP.

Which commands can you use to troubleshoot EIGRP on your network?

Show IP route.View IP logs.Show IP addresses of eigrp neighbors.View the eigrp IP topology.Debugging eigrp packets and debugging eigrp IP notifications.

For EIGRP troubleshooting, use the flowchart by opening the box labeled “Basic”. Depending on the symptoms, the flowchart may well refer to one of these three specific flowcharts below in this document, as well as other relevant documents on There are problems that are not solved here. In all of these cases, links to Cisco Technical Support are provided. You must now have a valid service contract in order to start a service request.

Check Neighborhood

How do I check EIGRP on my router?

To verify that the router accepts EIGRP routes for all neighbors, use the show ip route eigrp statements, as shown in Example 3-26. Example 3-27 shows the show ip route command, which displays the complete IP routing table, including EIGRP routes.

Note. If you are unable to ping between neighbors, run a debug IP packet, which is required to verify that your current hellos are being sent to the multicast address

troubleshoot eigrp

R1#Debug IP packetIP box debugging enabledR1#*one. Mar 00:10:54.643: IP: s= (local), d=224.0.0.(FastEthernet0/0), 10 len 75, broadcast/multicastR1#*one. Mar 00:10:58.611: IP: s= (FastEthernet0/0), d=, len 60, rcvd 2!--- indicates that How are you packets are sent to

Org Chart Notes 1 Run the show ip eigrp screen to verify. 2 Issue the show interface serial command to verify.

Note. If you are aware of EIGRP heartbeat issues that span the GRE interface tunnel, you may need to configure the keepalive 10 3 and internet tcp Adjust-mss 1400 commands on each end of the GRE tunnel. .

Org Chart Notes 3 Run “exhibit ip interface” command to check.

Distribution Confirmation

Org Chart Notes 4 Run the display to ip eigrp topology net mask command to check.

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