PowerPoint Video Troubleshooting Tips

In this tutorial, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that can lead to video problems in PowerPoint and after that, we are going to suggest some possible fixes that you can try to get rid of this problem. Set media compatibility. Go to the “File” menu and select “About”.Use other viewing software.Check codecs.Make sure the audio/video format is supported.Convert audio or video file.Set the value of the link.Delete the TEMP folder.

There is no doubt that PowerPoint is an extremely popular office application in MS. It can be freely used for business opening or business presentation. Its features, such as adding animated graphics, videos, and audio recordings, make your main presentations more interesting and fun.

Why MP4 video is not playing in PowerPoint?

Always check the slide volume; It is often disguised that you cannot play mp4 media with PowerPoint. Sometimes update issues related to Windows Media Player cause an error like H PowerPoint cannot play MP4 media files. Update, repair or replace them as needed.

However, the files usually don’t show up in PowerPoint. During an ongoing presentation, your personal video may freeze or an error may appear in the TV broadcast, which will embarrass you.

To solve this problem, here are some solutions to help you fix the mp3 or video thatOthers will not play in PowerPoint.

These methods can be used in all binary versions of PowerPoint, including this year’s PowerPoint, PowerPoint 13, PowerPoint 16, and PowerPoint 19.

How Do I Fix The Sound And My Computer Won’t Play PowerPoint?

Why is my video not working on PowerPoint?

If the video doesn’t play PowerPoint, first open the program and then your presence. Go to File > About in the main menu and select the Optimize Compatibility option. According to experts, the tool automatically detects and optimizes the type of inserted video files to eliminate compatibility issues.

  • “Embedded Flash videos are definitely no longer supported” or “Media cannot be used in PowerPoint”.
  • Sound doesn’t play on PowerPoint.Video slide.
  • PowerPoint’s built-in black test screen.
  • You cannot send a PowerPoint presentation by email.
  • YouTube video won’t play in PowerPoint.
  • Why does my video go black on PowerPoint?

    This is partly due to the DirectX technology used by MCI. To bypass projects, you must disable or optionally disable hardware acceleration. Click Start > Control Panel. In classic view, double-click the indicator icon.

    If you encounter these or other helpful file support issues in PowerPoint, please use the implementation methods to resolve the issue:

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. Delete the temporary folder.
    3. Optimize media compatibility.
    4. Convert audio/video to a supported format.
    5. Compress media file if PowerPoint on Windows 10.
    6. Insert an announcement file in PowerPoint.
    7. Install the correct codecs that will play videos in PowerPoint.
    8. Open PowerPoint in Safe Desktop Mode.
    9. Install the latest version of PowerPoint.
    10. Fix PowerPoint video.

    But before you get to the detailed troubleshooting methods, let us know why the content or audio files are not active in your PowerPoint presentation.

    Why Can’t You Play Multimedia Video/audio In PowerPoint?

    troubleshooting powerpoint video

    In most cases, PowerPoint will not display Narrator slides due to file format compatibility issues. But there could be almost any other reason.

    Some common reasons for video or audio not playing last in PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint does not support themes for audio and video files
  • Missing pop video/music codec in Windows 10
  • The size of the PowerPoint video track is too large
  • Too many bad effects in the embedded video file.
  • Added receive file is corrupted and damaged
  • Bad internet connection if related videos cannot be played in PPT slide.
  • A bug in the operating system or an incompatibility of unknown background software may prevent playback Sending video or music files in PowerPoint.
  • PowerPoint Customization Methods Don’t Play Audio/video Files

    Method 1: Restart Your Computer

    Turn your Windows computer off and on again to restart it. This may fix Windows issues if they exist. Let’s further assume that audio and video probably won’t play in a PowerPoint presentation.

    Method 2: Empty The Temporary Data Folder

    Why is my video glitching in PowerPoint?

    Enable hardware acceleration directly. To do this, in PowerPoint, go back to File > Options > Advanced, then in the Display section, make sure the Disable hardware graphics dynamics check box is checked.Chiki” was removed. Make sure the printer you’re speaking on publicly has enough free disk space.

    Temporary files can slow down the performance of Windows 10 to the point where the PowerPoint video can’t play automatically. Therefore, you should remove the unnecessary temporary version on your computer.

    Close all these programs and follow these steps to delete temporary files:

    1. Click Start > Run.
    2. In the Run dialog, click %temp% and OK.
    3. This will most likely open the Temp folder on your personal Windows PC. Select the .tmp files and click Remove.

    Method 3. Maximum Compatibility

    If the media file is not removable, embedded audio/video will not playwill appear in PowerPoint and one error will be displayed.

    However, PowerPoint allows you to maximize chat compatibility if you receive an audio or video error. This makes it easy to watch PowerPoint videos.

    1. Open your precious PPT file.
    2. Choose File > About.
    3. Click Optimize Media Compatibility. The tactic only appears when the audio/video embedded in PPT is no longer compatible.

    4. PowerPoint starts the optimization process. This and the scan fix the main media file compatibility issue. If the issue persists, your current assistant will list playback issues next to the cause.

    Method 4: Convert Audio/video To A Supported Format

    If the TV file does not play in your PowerPoint presentation, you may be using a powerful and unsupported hard drive format for your audio or video files. So first convert video and audio to media file format with advanced conversion tool like Stellar Converter for Audio Video and then insert PPT slide.Recommended

    Video files for PowerPoint 13 and later are MP4 files encoded with H.264 and AAC audio. Select an M4A file encoded in aac audio as the audio type.

    However, if you are using PowerPoint 2010 or earlier, use the WMV style for video files, not the WMA format for audio files.

    troubleshooting powerpoint video

    Your company may also find a list of supported audio and video file types here, depending on your PowerPoint style.

    3. You will see the MS release desktop. The PowerPoint version is partly identical to the Microsoft version, your precious Office, since the application is part of the Office suite. For example, if you are using MS Professional Office Plus 13, these PowerPoint files are also number 13. You can also click “About” in PowerPoint to confirm.

    Method 5: Support Document Compression In PowerPoint On Windows 10

    PowerPoint lets you compress media files to improve video playback and reduce storage space. This feature is likely to be especially useful if you have core video files that may not play or Show playback problems in PowerPoint.

    However, the media compression feature is only enabled in PowerPoint for Windows. It is not available on the web versions for Mac and Mac.

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