Steps To Fix Windows Time And Date Errors

If you encounter windows time and date error, the following user guide will help you.

Select Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Date and Second > Set and Link Time To > Internet Time > Edit Configuration > Mark Synchronization with Internet Time Server and click “Update now”.

Does Best PC Windows 11/10/8/7 show the wrong time on the taskbar? If so, this article will give you some troubleshooting tips and help Windows 10 display the correct system time on the taskbar.

Sometimes Windows time mayto behave strangely! The Windows Time service may simply stop working, or time synchronization may fail. There have also been cases where you ran the system window time backwards!

Wrong Time In Windows 11/10

If your current Windows time is incorrect, you need to troubleshoot to see which of the following works:

  1. Change date and time settings
  2. Make sure most Windows Time services are set to start automatically on startup
  3. Change the internet time server and see if that helps
  4. Reregister Windows Time DLL
  5. Reregistering the Windows Time Process
  6. Force activate Windows and synchronize time using CMD
  7. Replace your precious CMOS battery when it might run out.

Before you begin troubleshooting, it is recommended that you run the System File Checker. To do this, type sfc /scannow in this elevated CMD and press Enter. Wait for some time and when the task completes normally, restart the computer with windows. Once you’ve done that, we can move on to fixing the problem.

1] Change Date And Time Settings

Why did my computer start up with the wrong date and time?

Replace CMOS battery However, if the CMOS battery is damaged or depleted, the chip will begin to lose information. One sign of this is that your computer window is showing the wrong date and time. To fix this problem, you must replace the CMOS battery in your computer.

From the Windows 20 WinX menu, go to Settings > Time & Language > Time & Date.

Here you need to make sure that the Automatically set time and Automatically set time zone options are enabled. See if it works for you.

If this task doesn’t work, set the Automatic Time option to Off, and then simply click the Change button to set the time manually. The next monitor will open where you can make the necessary changes.

If that doesn’t work, set the Automatic time zone setting to Off, and then manually set the time range in the Food drop-down menu.

So you’ll have to experiment with all the changes to see if it helps.

2] Check The Status Of The Windows Time Service

To do this, type services.msc at the end of Start Search and press Enter. Services in Manager, navigate to Windows Time Serviceand double click it.

Just check and make sure the status of the service is actually running and the startup type can be set to Automatic. You can take a look at the start button to think about the service. Do what you need, just click Apply / OK Exit.

3] Change Internet Time Server

To manually synchronize your system time and improve your system time with an Internet time server such as, you need to right-click the time on the taskbar > Adjust Time and Date > Lost Internet Time > Change Settings > refresh now.

windows time and date error

If your company wishes, you can change the time server to another server of your choice.

You can also configure a Windows service to use an internal hardware timer or an external time source. Microsoft Support offers to download Fix-It, which allows you to do this automatically when you click.

TIP. Read this article if your Windows 10 colon clock is often missing.

4] Reregistering The Windows Time DLL

You may want to re-register the DLL file. The DLL in question is w3time.dll. To do this, open a command prompt as an administrator, type the following and press Enter:

regsvr32 w32time.dll

If that doesn’t work, you should test and re-register Windows Exe, which will take a long time.

5] Time Re-registration Process In Windows 7

The Time Window Service, or W32Time.exe, keeps the date and time in sync for all members and servers in the “network”. If this service is interrupted, the meeting and synchronization times will be out of date. If this service is otherwise enabled, services that explicitly depend on it cannot start.

The W32tm or Windows Time .exe file located in this special System32 folder is used to change the Windows Time service settings. It can also be used to diagnose problems with the time service. W32tm.exe is undoubtedly the command line tool of choice for configuring or monitoring Windows Time service troubleshooting.

You must use the new /register option. This parameter, if Flow W32tm for.exe, is registeredNo time service as a service and adds a default configuration to the registry.

To do this, in the updated command line, enter these i-commands one by one and type:

windows time and date error

net reaches w32time shutdownw32tm / unsubscribew32tm / register

6] Force Windows To Synchronize Time With CMD

You may also want to force Windows to synchronize the time with W32tm.exe. W32tm.exe is a string prompting control used to configure, troubleshoot the computer screen or the Windows Time service on a Windows 10 PC.

To launch this skill, open an elevated command prompt, but after exiting another, type the following commands:

stop w32timew32tm / unsubscribew32tm /registerw32time clean setw32tm /resync

7] Check BIOS Battery

If all else fails, check the CMOS battery and recharge it if it’s low.

How do I fix the date and time on my computer permanently?

Press the Windows key on the PC keyboard to open the taskbar when this situation is not visible.Right-click the date/time representation on the taskbar, then select Adjust Date/Time from the shortcut.Click the Change date and time button.Enter a new time in the Time field.

I’m sure everything here will help you. When working incredibly little, take advantage of the free software synchronization Time.

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