How To Fix The Missing Windows Update Icon In The Start Menu?

Today’s user guide is designed to help you when the windows Update icon is missing from the Start Menu.

The current format of Windows Update 1803 from Microsoft on April 10 includes a clean and amazing list of features with some shortcomings. One of the main problems that users constantly worry about is the lack of Start Menu icons that were introduced in the Windows 10 April Update. The Start menu looks empty, the thumbnails are not known to the application. So, here we offer you a number of workarounds to solve this problem with the image.

Start Menu Applications are part of the information left in this update. It helps to customize the screen, and various shortcuts are usually available on this computer, which makes searching easier for various processes. So, if you are also facing the Start menu icon missing issue in the Windows 10 April Update, follow the products and services sequence below to work around the issue.starting

But as of build 17166, you can also name your folder whatever you want in the Windows 10 Start menu.

Fix Missing Start Menu Icons In Windows 10 April Update

How do I fix missing icons from the Start Menu?

> restart your computer.> Check if you are Less than in tablet mode. Add> script for command line launch.> software Reinstall taskbar software.> Update your device .

The Windows 10 update is out of date. April bhas been one of the most anticipated releases of this latest operating system as it comes with a huge list of cool features. However, apart from the “Starting problem outside the menu”, few users persist in updating all efforts when booting Windows 10 on the lock screen. But there is nothing to worry about, since all of them can easily get around problems with a number of simple tweaks and tricks. .

Why is my Windows Update missing?

If the Windows Update service is definitely missing, run DISM and sfc for broken restores or missing system commits. Then import the created update service from an unaffected computer that also had the same problem. also scan your system for malware. headache If the pain persists, restart your computer.

For help, see: Bug Fixes and Issues in Windows April 2018 Update 1803

Solution 1: Troubleshoot Menu

Then, double-click the startmenu.diagcab file, and when the full wizard appears, follow the on-screen instructions to continue. Hopefully, after running the Troubleshoot Menu, you will start fixing the missing Start menu types in the Windows 10 April Update.

Solution 2: Fix Reset Apps

This missing method is useful if you are sure that a particular report is causing an error on your operating system. For example, if you see every one of our “Microsoft Edge” presences and the start menu doesn’t show it, this time it might cause an error.y. Here’s how to fix and reset a missing useful app.

How do I fix Windows Update not appearing?

Open the “Settings” menu by clicking the Windows icon on the left side of the taskbar. Locate the “Settings” icon to the left of the person.In the settings, find “Updates and Security”, then select “Windows Update” on the left.Then, finally, select the option “Check for updates”.

Step 1: When I start Win+, I simultaneously press the keyboard shortcuts and scroll through the categories to Applications.

Step 2. By default, each PC screen displays the Application Features section. Now go to the window and look for the suggestion of the application whose Start icon is considered missing.

Step 3. When you find it, select it and click the “Advanced (see options”) link.

Where is the Windows Update button?

Open Windows, in the settings, select “Update and Security”, In the left menu bar, go to the “Troubleshoot” option. Scroll down the right side of the window and look for the “Windows Update” method.

Step 4. You will find recovery and reset options here, which will also help you as the bug fix will be fixed. So, first click on the “Restore” button, when the restoration process is completed, go to the “Reset” button. Run

Step 5. Finally, just restart your Windows 10 computer and watch the changes.

Each app has its own default setting, which actually requires you to click the Reset button. After the Windows Store completes the feature and functionality update, you will notice problematic tokens in the Start Menu.

ReadCheck out the full article on how to reset app preferences in 10 windows to fix this.

Solution 3: Reinstall Any Missing Apps

After resetting and restoring, try the optimization below, even if the missing application error persists by reinstalling the application.

First you need to find the mobile name of the missing application, find it. To do this, open Windows Settings once and click the Applications category.queries

The & Features tab contains the actual names of all installed applications. When you find the app, select its name and click Uninstall.

After uninstalling an application from the entire system, you can simply reinstall it. After reinstalling the application, the icon of the missing application will appear in the start menu, select and the application.

Solution 4: Update The “Before” Menu

Note. Starting the steps, make sure to turn on the “Hidden files and folders in” option in Windows 10. Open •

windows update icon missing from start menu

Start with PC ce and go to “C:UsersYOUR USER NAMEAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStartmenu”.

• Chooseall the elements that make up the labels, the folders to copy, and all the elements that refer to them. Then paste all the images somewhere safe such as your desktop.

• You will then remove all of these elements from their original location.

• Finally, paste the copied items into the start menu folder, which will restore the tokens of any applications missing at startup.

Solution 5: Update The Problematic Application Once

If refreshing the entire Start menu again doesn’t bring any improvement, you can choose other apps right away. Start

Open and right-click the missing search icon menu. Also select Open more for File Location.File

If Explorer does show our app shortcut, copy and paste it somewhere else. You

After you have successfully copied this tool, remove the original tool from the website. Copy and paste the shortcut again to make sure it’s in the original location and this will fix all our missing icon issues.

Solution 6: Use Powershellto Re-register Missing Apps

windows update icon missing from start menu

Windows 10 also has a unique feature that helps you restore multiple specific apps at once that are missing from the Start menu. The name associated with this tool is PowerShell – which simultaneously controls the re-saving of all missing files.

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