Proper Windows Update Release Cycle

You may have encountered an error message indicating the release cycle for windows updates. It turns out that there are several different ways to solve this problem, and we will return to this in a bit. When can Microsoft release security updates? Microsoft plans to release security updates on Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of every month at 10:00 AM PST.


windows updates release cycle

In order to maintain the performance, performance, and security of Western Windows PCs, the university regularly provides Microsoft updates and full updates. Without regular updates, we risk all the vulnerability of our computers to other hacking attempts or unexpected errors.


Please note that the schedule below has changed for everyone whose computers with current user status are managed by SCCM. Now that we all have more flexibility in delivering updates, we deliver them around 4:00 AM on Wednesday to keep them to minimize crashes.

Most updates from Microsoft arrive on Tuesdays, most updates are released early in the morning. Tuesday of the second month is called “Patch Tuesday” because Microsoft aims to group the most important updates directly into this maintenance period. For this reason, the Most Start methodComputers restart on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

Sometimes the update process can be delayed, but not prevented. Even probable upgrades can sometimes be impractical to keep up with your schedule upgrade, make sense from a security and performance point of view, and need to be done at some point. We try to set up automated development in such a way that it causes as few interruptions as possible.


How often are Windows 10 updates released?

Beginning with Windows 10 release 21H2, Windows 10 release feature reports are sent to the General Availability channel annually in the second half of the calendar year. They are supported by monthly quality updates for twenty or 30 months from the publication of the business day date, depending on the lifecycle policy.

Our automatic download and update feature uses different processes; Settings, notifications restart/time and wait.


  • Updates from microsoft on our WSUS server are downloaded daily to computers* whenever updates are available, provided that:
  • Computers are actually connected to the network and running in the EMU domain.
  • If purchases are required, the actual download action plan will be extended to random computers on the big day.
  • Computers in the domain wwu regularly check for downloads most of the day.
  • Rooms

  • WHEN? When Microsoft Update reaches 100% download, installation will begin at 5:00 PM from
  • HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Installation time depends on the choice and size of the updates, the acceleration and speed of the computer, and the need for a clean reboot.
  • Notifications

  • If any of the updates require a reboot, the customer will be notified at the end of the installation process and the reboot will no doubt occur within a few minutes. .If the .restart is .not .scheduled, .there will be no .notification ..
  • Relaunch/Snooze

  • Users can delay the restart at will by selecting an alternative option in the notification.
  • If the user resets the reboot, they will be constantly prompted to reboot for 30 minutes.
  • If the user can delay the restart, the user will be reminded that their computer is on, and subsequent notifications are sent every 30 minutes.
  • Some Examples Of Updates, Timing And How Updates Work

    How often are Windows updates released?

    Microsoft is now releasing six impressive updates each month for Windows 10. For example, the last major update for Windows was the May 2019 Update, which gave way to the October 2018 Update. No updates will be released on Patch Day. They are released on the day that Microsoft decides to release them.

    Examplecomputer Left On Overnight

    1. System boot will be updated at 10:20.
    2. Installation starts around 5:00 PM and ends around 5:08 PM.
    3. If a reboot is required, the user will be prompted at 17:08.
    4. If the user ignores forcing the computer to run, restarts before 17:13.
    5. If the user wants to wait until 5:12 pm, they will be prompted to wait again at 5:42 pm. Moving process
    6. The

    7. can continue with 30 small steps, you can see that the user has decided to delay for now.

    Example Of A Specific Computer In Daily Rotation

    1. The system will finish downloading updates somewhere at 10:20.
    2. user 16:58 issues a stop command.user
    3. The message “Stop now” or “Installing, updating, changing, stopping” will appear on the screen. user
    4. immediately decides to close for some reason.
    5. The car will be processed the next day at 7:59.
    6. The installation will now start when the car is turned on, in which case the installation will end at 8:08.
    7. If a reboot is required, husbandrank woman or will be notified at 8:08.
    8. If the new user ignores the prompt, the computer will reboot at 8:13.
    9. The 5 minute warning/30 minute delay can last as long as the user decides to snooze, as you should above.

    Ciclo Di Rilascio Degli Aggiornamenti Di Windows
    Cykl Wydawniczy Aktualizacji Systemu Windows
    Windows 업데이트 릴리스 주기
    Цикл выпуска обновлений Windows
    Windows Updates-releasecyclus
    Veröffentlichungszyklus Für Windows-Updates
    Ciclo De Lançamento De Atualizações Do Windows
    Cycle De Publication Des Mises à Jour Windows
    Utgivningscykel För Windows Updates
    Ciclo De Lanzamiento De Actualizaciones De Windows