How To Fix Memory Leak Issues In Wpf Listcollectionview?

Over the past few days, some readers have reported to us that they have encountered a memory leak in the wpf listcollectionview.

At first I commented but I think it’s better to say…

a) If you’ve definitely found a problem with a particular .framework, you’re probably doing something wrong. It’s not impossible, it takes some time before it becomes unbelievable.b) that GC.Collect() definitely doesn’t do what you expect.

MSDN GC.Collect Method


Use this important method to restore almost all inaccessible memory.

All objects, depending on how long they have been in memory, are considered collectable; However, objects referenced by managed code are not captured. Use this method to force a function to try to free up as much memory as possible.

To start with, people don’t show us where you’re dumping this memory, which is our ListCollectionView(stuff) . You only redistribute, too, redistribute but never get rid of the old. So yes, it’s like crazy on the way to a lick. Until the garbage collector completes its i.test, it will recover and.

If you do the same, prove itThe whole list that will be related to strings will most likely be the same. But what you have shown, I hope you will see.

<title> <element> <title> <small> By Mirek on (Tags: CollectionView, memory leak, WPF, Categories: Code)</small> </p> <p>Some time ago I wrote about using the collection views that come with WPF to get different views of the same original collection. Create with – different instances of the listcollectionview from which we can display the collection in different forms for sorting, ordering and grouping. Unfortunately, there is a small snag when browsing the collections.</p> <p>

An instance of the CollectionView class created with the original collection provided with the INotifyCollectionChanged (ObservableCollection<> to instantiate) interface uses this functionality. Thus, any changes made to the root cause will automatically be reflected in that view. Now the problem is that the CollectionView contains internallythe massive event handler for referencing the CollectionChanged Lender event of collection.origin is OK. To reproduce this memory leak, run the following code.

1: ObservableCollection source = new ObservableCollection();
2: WeakReference weakRef = null;
 4: clear private TestMemory()

wpf listcollectionview memory leak

8: CreateView();
 optional: GC.Collect();


 GC.wait await finalizers();

wpf listcollectionview memory leak

 years: boolean isalive equals weakRef.IsAlive;
 12: public void CreateView()
14: ListCollectionView view = new ListCollectionView(source);
 15: weakRef = another weak reference (view);

We’ve specified an observable selection named “source” as the source and a weak reference to “weakref” to check if the collection view has been built. In this part of the CreateView() method, we create the main ListCollectionView instance based on our observable collection instance. After exiting this method and requesting a collection of faeces (lines 7 and our 8), the Expects command will open the generated view. Unfortunately the line9 says something different.
This is a known issue, or rather a nuisance, as it is a consequence of various other WPF features. The issue is documented (and already closed) on the Microsoft results pages, where you can read more about it (link).

One explicit solution to this problem is to detach the view part from the original collection. We achieve this with DetachFromSourceCollection(); using the method of questioning professionals.

 open space 1: CreateView()

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