How Do You Feel About Zelda Ocarina Of Time? Debugging Gameshark ROM Codes

If you are seeing the zelda Ocarina of Time Debug Rom Gameshark Codes error on your PC, then you should read these troubleshooting tips.

zelda ocarina of time debug rom gameshark codes

This is a huge subpage of Notes: The Of legend Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

To use the map selector, enter the following codes and download the file now.


OoT (U/J) 1.0

This exclusive code also allows you to access your favorite cards at specific times by pressing L + R + Z in game.

810F1434 00B9810F1436E400810F1438 00BA810F143A 1160810F143C8080810F143E09C0810F1440 8080810F1442 3720810F1448 8080810F144A 1С14810F144C 8080810F144E1C08D10F1430 803B8011B92F0000D11C84B4 20308011B92F 2030811DA2B4 0002d11c84b40EC0

OoT (U) 1.1

810F15F4 00B9810F15F6 E5A0810F15F800BA810F15FA 8080810F15FE 1300810f15fc09C0810F1600 8080810F1602 3720810F1608 8080810F160A 1S14810F160C8080810F160E1C08

OoT (U) 1.2

810F1A74 E430810F1A78 00b9810f1a76 00BA810F1A7A 1190810F1A7C8080810F1A7E09C0810F1A80 8080810F1A82 3720810F1A88 8080810F1A8A 1C14810F1A8C8080810F1A8E1C08

OoT (E) 1.0

810EF384 00B9810EF386-00BA810EF38Adb40810ef388 08A0810EF38E09C0810EF390 8080810EF392 3720810EF398 8080810EF39A 1C14810EF39C8080810EF39E1C08810EF3AC0001810EF3AE CAE0

OoT (E) 1.1

810EF3C4 00B9810EF3C6 DB80810EF3C8-00BA810EF3CA08E0810EF3CC 8080810EF3CE 09C0810EF3C0 8080810EF3C2 3720810EF3C8 8080810EF3CA1C14810EF3CC 8080810EF3CE Id=”OoT_GC_(E)”>

GC OoT (E)

zelda ocarina of time debug rom gameshark codes

810EE2A4 00B8810EE2A6AAA0810EE2A8 00B8810EE2AA D720810EE2AC 8080810EE2AE 0850810EE2B0 8080810EE2B2 34D0810EE2B88080810EE2BA 1A40810EE2BC 1A34

OoT-GC (J)

810F0924 00B8810F0926 B2B0810F0928DF30810F092C00b8810f092a 8080810F092E 0850810F0930 8080810F0932 34D0810F0938 8080810F093A 1A40810F093C8080810F093E 1A34

oot (U)

810EE284 00B8810EE286AA80810EE288 00B8810EE28A D700810EE28C8080810EE28E 0850810EE290 8080810EE292 34D0810EE298 8080810EE29A 1A40810EE29C8080810EE29E 1A34

OoT-MQ (J)

810F0924 00B8810F0926 B2D0810F0928 00B8810F092ADF50810F092C8080810F092E 0870810F0930 8080810F0932 34F0810F0938 8080810F093A 1A60810F093C 1A54

OoT MQ (E)

810EE284 00B8810EE286AA80810EE288 00B8810EE28A D700810EE28C8080810EE28E 0850810EE290 8080810EE292 34D0810EE298 8080810EE29A 1A40810EE29C8080810EE29E 1A34


What to do:
At some point, update the information with more current information.

  • 01: Hyrule Field
    Scene 00: Link’s dream (prologue part)
    Scene 01: Zelda exits the cutscene
    Scene 02: Flashback: Zelda flees (part of the Light Arrow intro)
    Scene 03: Title Screen
    Scene 04: cut-sc Ocarina of Time Price (after learning the Song of Time)
    Scene 05: Credits
    Scene 06: Escape from Lon Lon Ranch
    Scene 07: Cutscene with Link and/or Zelda talking among the stars (end part)
    Scene 08: Impa’s cutscene (after learning Lullaby Zelda)
  • 02: Kakariko Village
    Scene 00: Kakariko on fire 01: Cutscene
    The scene with Kakariko after the fire cutscene
    Scene 10: windmill cutscene (after Song Under the Storms plays)
    Scene 03: Death Mountain eruption frame (plays after defeating Volvagia)
    2008 Scene: Credits
  • 03: Cemetery
    Scene 00: Opening the tomb of the royal family 01: Cut-scene
    Song of the Sun cinematic scene
  • 04: Zora River (all scenes are basically the same as Kokiri Forest; see below)
  • 05: Kokiri Forest
    Scene 00: Farore 01: Cutscene
    The Emerald Kokiri Cutscene
    Scene 02: The Deku Tree talks about the cutscene (top)
    Next month’s scene: Navi screensaver (prologue part)
    Scene 04: Unused Cutscene: Lost Spell Tree Cutscene
    Scene 05: Unused video: very littleideas.
    Scene 06: Credits
    Scene 07: Credits
    Scene 08: Deku Deku Cutscene (Part One)
    Scene 2009: Deku Deku Cutscene (Part 2)
  • 06: Sacred Glade
    Scene 00: The minuet is related to the roller in the forest
    Scene 01: Shot from Saria
  • 07: Lake 00: Hylia
    Lake Hylia scene fills up to cutscene (after defeating Morpha)
    Scene 01: Credits
  • 08: Kingdom of Zora
    Scene 00: Credits
  • 09: Fountain of Zora
    Scene 00: Zora’s Sapphire Cutscene
    Scene 01: Unused cutscene: something with Jabu Jabu, I think
    Scene 02: Unused Clip: Other
  • 10: Gerudo Valley
    Scene 00: Dean’s cutscene (part two)
    Scene 01: Dean’s cutscene (part one)
    Scene 10: Credits
  • 11: Lost Forest
    Scene 00: Magical Ocarina Cutscene
  • 12: Desert Colossus
    Scene 00: Requiem combined with Spirit roller
    Scene 01: Cut-scene in which Nabooru is captured
  • 13: Gerudo Fortress
    Scene 00: Archery cutscene
    Scene 01: Credits
    Scene 02: filmed
  • 14: The Haunted Desert
  • one5: Hyrule Castle/Ganon’s Castle
    Scene 00: Rainbow Bridge cutscene
  • 16: Path of Death Mountain
    Scene 00: Nairu cutscene
    Scene 06: Goron’s Ruby Roller
    Scene 02: Unused cutscene: Unfinished Goron’s Ruby cutscene
    Scene 03: Credits
    Scene 04: Credits
  • 17: Death Mountain Crater
    Scene 50: fire bolero cutscene
    Scene 01: title screen cutscene (plays when you don’t press any buttons on the recognition screen)
  • 18: City of Goronne
    Scene 00: Saria’s song cutscene
    Scene 01: Credits
  • 19: Lon Lon Ranch
    Double zero scene: horse racing (either Ingo Race or Malon Race)
    Scene 01: Frame from Epona’s song
    Scene 02: End of the dance
    Scene 03: End of the Dance
    Scene 04: End of the Dance
    Scene 05: Final dance
    Scene 06: End of the Dance
    Scene 07: End of the Dance
  • 20: Temple of Time
    Scene 00: Sheik’s cutscene (when you take the first step forward once)
    Scene 01: Navi exits cutscene (part of full ending)
    Scene 02: cinematic prelude of light
    Scene April: Time Gate opening cutscene
    End scScene 03: Unused Cutscene: Shows Kokiri Emerald throwing you into the pastures of the Sacred Grove.
    Scene 05: Unused cutscene: showing Goron’s Ruby throwing Death Mountain Crater at you.
    Scene 06: Unused Cutscene: Reveals Zora’s Sapphire and throws you into Lake Hylia’s filling cutscene! strange.
    Scene from 2007: telepathic message from Zelda (Song of Time cutscene)
    Scene 08: Light Arrow Cutscene (Part 1)
    Scene 09: Light Arrow Cutscene (Part Two)
    Scene Light 10: Arrow Cinematic (Part 3)
  • 21: Room of the Wise Men, cinematic film “Forest Medallion”. One note has always been that this level, which is off-limits to the player at all except for cutscenes, is the only one in our entire game with low gravitational pressure – if you jump, you will jump a lot further than you normally would.
    Scene 00: Rauru’s cutscene (if you fast forward to prime time)
    Scene 01: Rauru cutscene (after collecting all medallions)
    Scene 02: Ganondorf’s exile cutscene (end)
  • 22: Tyr
  • 23: Castle courtyard
  • 24: Underground Major (with one show)
  • 25: Underground Tomb (with Hylian Shield and Magic Fountain)
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